Judy Hayward

I’m Judy Hayward, a Charlottesville-based wedding hair and makeup artist who loves nothing more than helping bridal parties look amazing, and having fun in the process. 

With years of experience under my belt, you could say I know a thing or two about the beauty industry. In fact, I create over 150 wedding hair and makeup looks a year, enhancing each woman’s natural beauty to complement her individual style.

My beauty career first began in cosmetology school and continued with training across Europe. I studied in London, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Sweden returning to the U.S. for additional training in New York and Los Angeles. During my time in California, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most celebrated artists, all while perfecting the art of airbrush makeup and later opening two salons in Santa Barbara.

These days, I continue my life’s passion as a licensed professional stylist and salon owner here in Charlottesville, Virginia. I specialize as a bridal stylist and have the absolute privilege to work with wedding parties by bringing hair and makeup services on-site for a stress-free experience.

Getting ready on your wedding day should be one of the most exciting moments of your life, and that’s exactly what past clients have loved most about working with On Location Bridal.

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Judy Hayward


  • Before finding my calling in the beauty industry, I graduated with a degree in sociology and anthropology with post-grad studies in counseling and therapy. While my career looks much different today, I still use those people skills and love to listen to anyone who sits in my chair.

  • I take one month each year to travel internationally and see the world. My husband prefers to stay close to home, so I operate as a solo traveler and secretly love it that way.
  • Speaking of travel, my absolute favorite city is Amsterdam but I never turn down a chance to visit Paris.
  • On any given free day, I love hanging out with my German Shepherd, working out, or catching up on a good book—historical biography is my genre of choice!
  • I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be in a career I wholeheartedly love.